Poker Night in America. The Consultologist Part 2

You betcha. A pleasure, gentlemen, a pleasure. – [Russell] He was playing 10, 20 six max in January, – [Chris] The turns another jack. – [Russell] Yeah, this year. – [Greg] Yeah, yeah. I mean he’s like one of the few guys, – [Chris] Alright guys, let’s get the action going.

Here we go, 400 the bet. – [Greg] Cause even the guys that play super big, like Galfond and Ben. They don’t even play no limit. Dude, even the really good players, like Ike and those guys, when they play six max. They’re not enough even that good.  – [Chris] Let me interpret in case you don’t speak Robert Williamson III, that sound means, “Crap.”

– Alright, I’m all in. – [Dealer] All in. – [Robert] Once or twice?

– What did we do last time, twice? – [Robert]Twice. – Twice is good. – [Chris] All in and a call. And we will run the river twice.

We have seen a bunch of 10K plus pots here tonight, on Poker Night in America. – [Russell] Got some chope outs. – [Chris] And so far, it’s been Dumpster Joe’s way every hand he’s been involved in. – Chop outs.

– Scoop outs too. – King, eight, queen for a– – [Joe] Deuce. – [Tom] Put up the fifth and you’ve got a chop out.

– Bing! Now one more. Now one more. – He’s chopping at one point. – [Robert] Now one more!

– A deuce! – You don’t want a queen? Why don’t you call for the queen?

– Queen? Sorry, geez. I forgot. Yeah, I could, Queen! – [Tom] Yeah, you just keep calling for chops. – There you go.

– Now you figure all that out, now you have a math problem. – [Chris] Don’t go anywhere, there’s more poker yet to come. – Poker Night in America is brought to you by Draft Kings. – Thanks for coming back to Poker Night in America. I’m Chris Hansen. We return to the felt right now.

– They did tell us your name was Dump Truck, that’s why. – I know. There’s not much difference between a dump truck and a dumpster truck, is there? – (laughs) I don’t know.

– Dumpster truck, the back of it comes off. Dump truck, stays on the truck. – Is that what it is? – Yeah. – [Chris] Poker Night in America is brought to you by 888poker, where the world plays online, and by Draft Kings. – My straddle.

Alright. I’m 5,000 behind, if anyone cares. I’m still 5,000 behind if people don’t care. – [Joe] Seems like you don’t know why I didn’t be the river, sir, I will let you know later. – [Russell] You’re a nice guy.

– Yeah, I am a very nice guy. Phil will tell you I’m a nice guy. – [Russell] I believe you. – Greg you’ve confirmed it. – [DePalo] Nothing but compliments. – I’ll tell you one thing, he might be a nice guy, that’s been confirmed, but he’s not gonna give you any money.

(laughter) If he had the nuts, it would’ve been a nice size bet in there for you to pay off. – Alright, let’s go. – [DePalo] Alright. – You know what, Phil?

I’m going to check in the dark. – Alright, I’ll probably bet you, though. – [Tom] I know, go ahead.

Bet in the dark. – No, I can’t. I’m not that good. – [Joe] There’s a couple people sitting here that I don’t want to give any money too, that’s all. – He checked already.

– I thought he was going to check raise you there. – Sir? I will give them to you, because I know they are subject to come back. You will definitely not marry those chips if you get ’em. – I don’t know what you’re talking about, save some for you? He hasn’t lost a pot yet.

He hasn’t lost a pot yet. He just says super coolers and straights. Good Lord. And he moved into me one time. I’ve just been waiting for, like, three hours. Just patiently.

Knowing what’s coming. But it hasn’t happened yet. – Joe, what do you think about that? – I love it. – I’m just trying to get some banter going.

– [Joe] We have nothing but time. Keep waiting, sir. And see what happens. (laughs) – It works for him. – [Joe] And when we get done we’ll go have a little drink. – I bet a lot of money he’s going to fold that hand within 20 seconds.

– 20 seconds, I’ll take the bet on that? How much? – Alright, I guess it has to be a minute. (all laugh) I would’ve won, see? – [Tom] You would’ve won.

Phil’s always right. Show the bluff. If you have a bluff, – [Joe] I bet a hundred dollars – Hundred dollars, hundred dollars. – I’ll give you a quarter if you have a bluff. – Hundred bucks, right there. I bet it was the winning hand.

Anybody want some? – [Russell] Match it, oh my god. – [Tom] I’ll give you a quarter if you show a bluff. – [DePalo] Hundred dollars! – [Robert]Just throw 100 dollars down. – [Phil] Wait, wait, you bet he had the winner?

Okay, I’ll bet he didn’t. – Wait, that’s my hundred to show the hand. – [Phil H.] We have a side bet. – [Tom] They have a side bet.

– I gotta make money off this first. – No because it’s going to be on the live stream. – Whoever wins will give you a quarter. – Pay me for the hand.

– They’re betting, they have a side bet. – Thank you. The minute that he said out loud, “I want you to fold, haha,” I was like, God, that’s king and queen. That’s stone nuts. – [Greg] You live in San Antionio?

– [Robert] I don’t. – [Tom] He lives in Phoenix. (talk over each other) – Phil, what country western stars do you know? – Ah, Blake, uh — – [Tom] Blake Shelton?

– Yeah. – [Tom] Alright. – But I think that’s about it on CW.

– [Tom] That’s good enough. You gotta hook me up there. – [Phil] He was in Oakland, and I brought Jim Harbaugh, who’s a country music guy backstage, and Blake had a good time with us. He’s a good guy. Oh, I also met Miranda Lambert. – I love Miranda Lambert.

– Now, they’re married, yeah. She was funny. I said, “Are you going out with Blake?” And she said, “Yeah,” she said — – [Tom] When was this, a long time ago? – Yeah, a few years back. – [Tom] Yeah, they’re married.

– Right. And so, she said, “That sum gun better marry me “because I just bought the farm right next to his.” She was really funny. She was having a good time. – [Tom] Yeah, she’s very funny. She’s got an amazing voice.

She’s my favorite female singer. – Miranda Lambert? – [Tom] Yeah. – Yeah, she’s very good. She’s very good. – [Phil H.] But she’s pretty funny, just having a good time.

– [Tom] I have a song for Blake Shelton. – [Brian] Who are you talking about? – Blake Shelton.

– [Brian] Oh I don’t know. – [Tom] I want to go on the Voice and have him be my coach. – [Brian] I don’t know the first thing about country music. – [Tom] You can get me on that, Phil, I’m sure.

Robert probably knows some people in country music. – I respect someone who has a song about stealing a parking space, though. – No, it’s something about, it’s like a really funny country song. – [Christ] I’m just throwing this out there, but I think the song your thinking of, Phil, is Some Beach. – We got a pot here?

– [Chris] One of his very first big hits for Blake Shelton. Back to the poker, turn is a three. Earlier tonight we saw Greg Merson keep betting, and it was enough to win him a hand when he had nothing. – [Phil] The name of the song is Some Beach. – [Chris] There you go, Phil Hellmuth.

– And the video is really clever. – [Chris] That was actually Blake Shelton when he had a mullet, in case you have to know. – Some, but he says it like, “son of a,” – [Tom] Yeah, right. – [Phil] Sum beach.

– [Chris] Nothing for Merson on the river, will he be betting again, trying to get another opponent to fold the winning hand? – It wasn’t actually the poker play (laughs). – [Phil H.] He won the banger and then picked up kings. – [Chris] He checks. He did it earlier to Brian Hastings, and now Robert Williamson III is in the same position. As we wrap up day one here at Maryland Live, Russell Thomas got himself on the green side.

Tom Schneider and Joe Butts were already there. And Phil DePalo also get himself up a thousand bucks with some pretty solid play here on Poker Night in America. (talk over each other) – When we come back, it’s part two of our trip to the city that has been called the Hollywood for ugly people. Stick around. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online.

(upbeat piano music) – Hello, I’m Phil Hellmuth. We’re filming Poker Night in America here in DC. Poker is a very presidential game.

I’m not sure that Washington played, but a lot of other presidents did play in the White House. – Well, I mean, within a mile of this Capitol on any given night of the week, there’s probably dozens of poker games going on. – You know, members of the staff on the Hill, Capitol Hill, and many elected officials play poker.

– Members of Congress, other lobbyists from other industries, and even the guys who are sweeping the floors here. – There are a fair number of Congressmen, late at night, who, you know we get some poker chips, and we play. Big night, you might win 20, and a bad night, you might lose 20. – To me, the theme of Poker Night in America in DC is Poker is Presidential. Now I’m about to walk into a game inside the Beltway.

(Cheers and greetings) (Upbeat big band music) – The old hem and haw and reraise? Is that what’s coming? I don’t know. I reraise.

– This is an institution of power. And people in power like to play poker. The two go together. Ulysses S. Grant died broke in part because he was a terrible poker player.

Warren G. Harding played poker in the White House twice a week. Richard Nixon financed his first run for Congress with money he won playing poker in the Navy. This is a city that loves its poker and has a rich tradition of it.

When you combine that with power and energy and lots of alpha males running around, you get some juicy stuff going on. – These guys are playing poker here, I mean they have real hands. You told me this was going to be an easy game to beat. What happened?

They’re all good. I mean, come on.