10 Must-Have Oculus Go Games & Apps To Get You Started

Hello adventurers, Two days ago we bought our Oculus Go. And we already noticed that there are just a lot of games and apps to choose from. So as two VR gamers who have been around now for a while, we have made this video for those that are just getting started.

Yes, so here are our 10 best Oculus Go games to get you started. And also just turn on those subtitles if you want! Yes, let’s GO!

Alt Space VR: The cross platform social VR app for Oculus Go. Meet with people all around the world online or meet up with friends. You can play interactive games with them or attend live events. The live events are something special too, it can be something casual, like sitting in a campfire while watching a movie or going to a dance event with a real DJ. Sometimes you are also able to catch live presentations that can teach you something about what you are interested in. Like not long ago I attended a lecture about programming.

AltSpace VR is a must-have app for the Oculus Go. Didalus? Daydalus? Diedalus? I’m not sure how to pronounce his name, but the game is very fun to have in your library too. Daedalus is a platformer and an exploration game set in a surreal world.

In this game you will explore intricate labyrinths, solving puzzles to try and escape. The world in this game is very dreamy and gives aesthetic pleasure. You are equipped with a wand and with it you can fly in any direction you want. Your goal is to find the 3 platforms that will open the gate to the next level. The more you progress, the harder it gets and the bigger the architecture becomes. BigScreen Beta is an incredible app to use if you want to watch movies with friends in a virtual movie theater.

You can create a room yourself and stream your desktop PC or whatever PC video game you are playing while letting others join in and watch in different kinds of environments. You can try sitting in a big movie theater for example, but also on the moon or at a campfire. You can also just join in the public rooms of others and see what they are up to.

BigScreen even supports 3D movies and cross platform VR headset support so you can also hang out with PC VR users. Right now the app is in beta, so it might still have bugs, but this is a must-have social app already. Disney Movies VR This is probably the most perfect app to show the younger kids what it is like to be in Virtual Reality. In Disney Movies VR you can visit a couple of 360 degrees themed interactive experiences including Disney ones, like Coco and Beauty and the Beast, but also Star Wars from Lucasfilm.

As of now Marvel is also coming soon! Some of these experiences are 360 videos where you can look around you while watching a video, but some of the experiences are interactive too where you will be able to grab things you see with your wand. Definitely a recommendation to check out. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a fun couch co-op party game where one player is trapped in a virtual room in VR with a ticking time bomb they must defuse. The other players on the couch are the Bomb Experts who must give instructions to defuse the bomb by deciphering the information found in the Bomb Defusal Manual. HOWEVER, the Experts cannot see the bomb, so it really depends on your communication skills as a team, because everyone has to really work together and fast too before the room explodes!

When you play the game there are different bombs and challenges too, so replayability is not a problem. This is a perfect game to take with your Oculus Go when you go to a party and want to show people some VR. Wands is a first person VR game where you train to become the best wizard by doing magic duels with others online.

You get a wand that can equip 4 different spells, and the more you practice, the more spells you can unlock so that you can plan the perfect build that suits your gameplay. This is a competitive game with different arenas to battle in and since its cross platform with GearVR and PC VR players, there is almost always someone online to play with. A fun game to check out if you like competitive games and magic! Jurassic World: Blue is a VR experience where you will follow along with the highly intelligent Velociraptor Blue on her quest for survival.

Right now there is one episode to watch, but a 2nd episode is coming as well. This is a polished, beautiful 360 degrees VR video that teases the newest Jurassic World movie a bit. A great video to have on the Go to show others the capabilities of watching a movie in a VR headset too. Ultrawings is a playful flight simulator that allows you to virtually interact with each aircraft’s flight instruments and let’s you pilot 4 different aircrafts on four different islands. You can earn money by doing missions to buy new airports and vehicles, and there are a couple of mini games to play as well.

A fun game to check out if you want to feel what it is like to fly in an aircraft! Netflix: well, what can I say about this. Everyone knows Netflix and we were so excited to find out that you can stream whatever you are already watching on Netflix on the Oculus Go too. This means that you can actually lie down comfortably in bed and watch a movie from a big screen from bed! Right now, there is no feature to watch movies offline, but I’m sure it will come in a later update and then this app will be absolutely killer to take with you so you can watch a movie while on the road.

Drop Dead is a first person zombie shooter game! Of course, if you start with VR, it is always fun to hold a gun and shoot some zombies. Definitely those that want to eat you. 😉 You are equipped with all kinds of different weapons, grenades and you will have to slay your way through the missions to stop Dr. Monday and save the world. You can play Drop Dead in singleplayer, but also together with a fellow agent.

Very awesome to check out! I hope that you liked our list. We tried making the list as diverse as possible so that you can check out a lot of different games and apps genres and see what you like the most yourself. But also, an Oculus Go first impressions video is coming up.

So if you have any questions or if there’s anything we need to include. Just let us know in the comments below. Yes and if you want to talk to us more directly, join our cozy chat on Discord. Link is down below.

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And we always say. VR ON!! !